Wasm Labs

Hello Wasm!

By Daniel Lopez
At 2022 / 07 3 mins reading

Welcome to Wasm Labs! We are a group of developers at VMware's Office of the CTO working on WebAssembly (Wasm).

We come from different backgrounds and the common thread among us is a love for Open Source and being excited about the possibilities of WebAssembly.

We will be creating and contributing to projects that help with Wasm adoption among developers. This may take the form of small patches or full-fledged, standalone projects. Whenever possible we will collaborate and contribute back to upstream. As part of our involvement with the community VMware recently joined the Bytecode Alliance

Our "Hello World!" (or should we say "Hello Wasm!" :) project is a demo of using WebAssembly to run WordPress entirely in the browser that we hope will pique your interest on what you can accomplish with Wasm.

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