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Shall you run AI in WebAssembly?

By Angel M Miguel
At 2023 / 10 10 mins reading

Traditionally, Python has been the language of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The ecosystem of this expressive language is huge, and almost all the related articles, tutorials, and papers use it.

Let's be fair, starting with Python and AI is not an easy task. The number of different guides about how to install Python demonstrates it. Also, every guide uses a different approach. Sonner than later, you will find yourself asking questions like:

  • Shall I install Conda, Miniconda or other tool?
  • What Python version do I need?
  • Why am I getting this error when installing these packages?

Will Python continue as the language for AI? Nobody knows, although projects like Llama.cpp shows the potential of other languages in the AI ecosystem.

A tweet from Santiago Vazquez that says

WebAssembly and AI

During the last year, the interest on AI grew exponentially. Before, people wanted to use AI. Now they want to start integrating AI inference in their projects. New frameworks, open-source models, documentation, and tooling made AI more affordable for developers.

This explosion introduced

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