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Wasmtime 4.0.1, 5.0.1 and 6.0.1 security update

By Angel M Miguel
At 2023 / 03 5 mins reading

Today, 2023-03-08 Wasmtime published three new releases, v4.0.1, v5.0.1 and v6.0.1 addressing two CVEs:

Wasm Workers Server and mod_wasm projects rely on Wasmtime internally. We just released new versions of these projects to ensure you always run your projects securely.

Here you can find the new releases:

Update Wasm Workers Server

To update Wasm Workers Server to the latest version, run the following command:

curl -fsSL https://workers.wasmlabs.dev/install | bash

Update mod_wasm

To update mod_wasm, download the latest artifacts from the GitHub release page. If you are using the container, pull the latest version from the repository:

docker pull ghcr.io/vmware-labs/httpd-mod-wasm:latest
# or
podman pull ghcr.io/vmware-labs/httpd-mod-wasm:latest

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